About Me

Hi! My name is Destiny and I’m a 29 year old from Toronto with a passion for writing and a love for cinema. I took up writing movie/music reviews and blogging as a hobby while attending Humber college in 2011. But after only about a year; I dismantled the blog after it fell off of my to-do list and got busy. (excuses! i know!)

I’m a self proclaimed movie nerd and love all genres of film; from stoner comedies – dramatic, in depth foreign films. I love ’em ALL!

Now with a new site and fresh voice I want to welcome you to “Movies n Stuff”, a blog where I will be mainly reviewing films (past & present) and sometimes music/games or random stuff in my life. Here you will find honest content about films and whatever else I may decide to post.

If you have any requests for reviews or just want to say hi you can always drop me a comment or follow me on my socials! (links below)

Hope you enjoy and may the schwartz be with you! 🙂