Avengers End Game – A long time coming/running

Just to get this out there, I highly recommend you go and watch this movie, (if you’re like me and only watching it now) but I DEFINITELY do not recommend seeing it at a drive in when it’s the last movie showing. It’s a 3 Hour long movie and then some because you obviously have to stay for the end credits… and more after that… and more after that.

It’s just a long ass movie so be prepared to be sittin’ for a while!

I’m still not going to be “THAT” person and give spoilers, this is strictly me letting you know how I enjoyed the film and my thoughts.

I enjoyed the hell out of this movie and the upside to seeing it at the drive in is having a sub in the back of the car, you REALLY feel the explosions and action.

What to expect

You can be sure to expect the main “original” Avengers with the most screen time and for “End Game” purposes a sprinkling of EVERY character in the MCU EVER on film. There’s a scene where you pretty much see them all at once and I caught myself thinking, “oh yeah, I forgot about that character – that I saw for like 5minutes 10 years ago”. In every Marvel movie, there’s an epic end battle scene and it is every bit epic as a movie titled “End Game” should be.

You can expect to feel sad, because it’s the end of an era and it’s opening up to all these other new and exciting installments that Marvel announced at this year’s comic con.

What not to expect

Don’t expect the abundance of witty back and forth comedy between the Avengers that we all have come to expect and love. Yes, there are still many comedic elements/scenes in the film, but this has a much more serious tone then the passed few movies in the franchise.

Also, do not expect Captain Marvel to have as much screen time as you may think, however; for the few scenes that she is in, she has some pretty key moments in the story.

This review is hard to do

To be honest, It is ridiculously hard to write this review because all I want to do is go OFF on all of the crazy twists and turns and surprises that the film offers up, but I can’t. If the movie is still playing in select theaters, I will not say one spoiler.

If you are late to the game like me and have not yet seen this, go and see it now! It is so worth paying the price to watch on the big screen. It’s worth the watch, and it’s a good way to end 11 years of story build up.

  • D




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