Daredevil Season 3 Review – Devil of Hell’s Kitchen is Back!

Off the bat, I will say that Daredevil Season 3 is actually my favourite of the three seasons. The first was amazing, don’t get me wrong but the third actually dove deep into character back stories and I always love to see the “how” or “why” a character ended up in their position.

Season 3 starts from pretty much where The Defenders ended, with a building collapsing and trapping Matt inside and him waking up in the church he grew up in.

Season 3 also starts with Foggy and Karen holding out hope for Matt’s return but whether they want to believe it or not…they think he’s dead. When he finally show’s up, his friends quickly realize that Matt (their friend) is not really back, it is someone who is much darker and conflicted. Because of this disconnect between Matt and his friends, the season starts off slow but it picks up quickly.


The back and forth between Matt, Foggy & Karen is usually something that that would annoy the hell out of me. Matt pushes them away a lot this season, (for good reasons) but nonetheless, he pushes them away and they don’t take no for an answer. It would be annoying if the acting wasn’t spot on this season, but because I enjoyed all of their performances – It was an entertaining dynamic. You can see why Matt was so conflicted, but he does come around eventually.

The Kingpin

I really love the Wilson Fisk “Kingpin” storyline this season. Fisk is a character that I hate, but hate to love as well. Being non-existent in season 2, it was nice to have the main villain back for season 3.

He’s absolutely brutal and you never want to see him win, yet there are times with his facial expressions that show he’s visibly distraught and makes you ALMOST feel sorry for him, until he decides to kill someone just to drive an FBI agent over the edge to insanity for his own personal gain – then you’re like “you know what? Screw that guy!” It takes a great actor to garner so many different emotions from an audience, and Vincent D’Onofrio plays Fisk SO WELL!


The thing that I think makes Fisk so good and terrifying, is the fact that he’s a giant man that only has a soft side for the love of his life (Vanessa) and he has this almost serene and quiet vibe to him. That silence is so scary, because in actuality – he’s plotting how to ruin lives and how to rule the city through corruption and heinous violence.

*Side note: I get kind of obsessed when I want to figure out what else an actor has been in and I found out D’Onofrio was Edgar from Men In Black!  I would’ve never guessed! Mind blown!




New Characters

There are a few new faces this season, FBI Agents Ben “Dex” Poindexter and Ray Nadeem. I felt  love and hate for both of these characters.

In the beginning, I didn’t like Nadeem at all. I felt like he was doing more harm than good, but within mid-season and the end, he really showed up and I was rooting for him and his family.


With Dex, I was more conflicted with my feelings as he struggled with obvious mental health issues and he seemed to want to get better and was actually maintaining his life.

I thought that he was more of a tortured soul trying to do good then a psycho trying to hurt everyone. He eventually gets set off to the point of no return and after spiraling out of control, he turned super evil and thus, the beginning of “Bullseye” has started.

Character Development and Backstories

This was a season of flashbacks. For the most part, each character had their past focused on. But most notably, Karen got pretty much a whole episode dedicated to her back story. Throughout all three seasons’ she is portrayed as the “innocent” one and she even brings that point up to Matt in the final episode and she often brings up the fact that she isn’t perfect and she has many skeletons.

This season brings to light her relationship with her family and her abuse of drugs. It really helps to clarify how she ended up in Hell’s Kitchen in the first place.

The whole season is filled with crazy twists and turns, you get to know Matt’s history a bit more and learn new information alongside with him as well. His development as Matt and as Daredevil take a turn as well. He is so conflicted on his beliefs that he doesn’t know rather to stay the course or to veer off and break his own rules. This conflict that he fights within himself carries throughout the whole season all the way until the end. The personal and internal fighting within each character is good and all, but I also have to give a quick nod to the actual fight scenes within the third season. As everyone has come to know and love from this franchise, the fight scenes are so well choreographed and executed, you wouldn’t want to blink. The very last fight of the season however; between Daredevil, Poindexter and Fisk is hands down my favourite!



Speaking of “the end”, it was announced a bit ago that Netflix has cancelled Daredevil and fans aren’t happy. I’m not happy, and I think it is a horrible outcome after Season 3 just came out. I truly believe that this was the best season thus far and it ended with the perfect setups for a fourth season. It opened up opportunities for so many more story-lines new and old to be continued.

I don’t think it’s been officially confirmed as to why Netflix had cancelled the show, however the most popular theory online is that Disney is forcing out all of their  licenced/owned projects from Netflix because they are launching their own competitor streaming service.

If this is the case, fans can only hope that Disney picks up Daredevil for a season 4. However; I don’t know how well that will turn out, unless they bring on board the writers and same staff from the show. This move seems like such a waste, I get that these companies are looking at it from a business perspective, but this seems like such a random and hard blow to the cast, crew and fans of the franchise.

This is me just ranting now, but we finished the last episode last night and as it neared the end, I just kept yelling out “Why did they have to cancel this?!”

(*A bit dramatic, I know… but I’m actually upset by this decision)

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