“You’ll Float Too!” – IT Movie Review

Finally! I got a chance to see IT in the theatre and I have to say, I was impressed.

It is because of this story and this character that many kids and adults are deathly afraid of clowns. I’m not one of them, but I think some can definitely be creepy.

*Side Note* I don’t care if it’s not true, but I’m still convinced that all of those “killer clown” sightings last year had something to do with the release of this movie. The timing was just too perfect.

When a remake of a classic film or TV Show comes out, many fans will be skeptical. (and rightfully so) but every now and then, a film is made that makes you nostalgic of the original but will add in their own little twists along the way. I will admit, a good portion of this film is incredibly similar to the original, but there are many things the 2017 version was able to do, that the 90’s version didn’t. Just from the technology that we have today, the visuals and gore factor are improved 1000%.

The acting is spot on. Not only by Bill Skarsgård, who plays Pennywise; but of the kids as well. As a fan of many “coming of age” films and 80’s adventure flicks à la Stand by Me and The Goonies, the actors in this did an amazing job, and when some humour needed to be brought in – they were funny as hell! *There was one scene where Eddie confronts his mom about a lie he’s believed his whole life, and I laughed uncontrollably for a good 2 minutes. It might not be something everyone finds as funny as me, but it was a great scene between a nerdy kid and his overprotective mother*

I also think Finn Wolfhard (Stranger Things) is going to be only given jobs as an 80’s kid, but I’m fine with that. He’s done a great job in his career thus far. 

The new Pennywise, seems a bit darker  in comparison to Tim Curry’s version, but the best thing about having these two very different adaptations of the character is that you get a new outlook on him. As I said before, the original “IT” was creepy but I didn’t form a big fear over clowns, however; based on looks alone – I feel like if I saw THIS version as a kid, I’d be hiding under my bed for sure!



The book, has many jarring and some uncomfortable things written – which in turn, makes you visualize some weird shit and this adaptation (although leaving some stuff out) still makes you uncomfortable with certain story lines. Beverly’s story line with her father is incredibly uncomfortable but it sets a tone for the final showdown with the clown. She isn’t afraid of him, because her fear is bigger than “It” can ever be.

The Takeaway

While many would chalk up this movie as “just another remake”, I really enjoyed this version. As much as I love the original – I’ve seen it so many times to be scared, this one got me a bit scared. I loved the acting, loved the scary AF visuals (*cough* projector scene) and I actually liked that they didn’t change it TOO much.

This is a great movie to watch for Halloween!…

Speaking of Halloween, since it is one of my favourite holidays and tomorrow seems to be such a perfect day for it, I’m going to be doing my Fave Halloween Movie Roundup to help you get some inspiration for a scary movie marathon.

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