Netflix/Marvel’s “The Defenders” Review

I just finished this 8 episode mini-series a couple days ago and before I start a review of the Netflix/Marvel’s The Defender’s, I want to give you a VERY quick insight on my opinions of the 4 solo shows, Jessica Jones, Daredevil, Luke Cage and Iron Fist. Are you ready? …

…I like them all and think they’re all very well done.
Yes, even Iron Fist. Mind you, there is a lot of over-acting in Iron Fist. Which sucks, because there’s also a lot of great acting and some great visually appealing episodes. However; there are only so many time’s I can hear Danny Rand announce that he is in fact “Danny RAND” and “The all mighty Iron Fist, guardian of  K’un-Lun” It get’s old fast, and is still a huge character theme in The Defenders. We get it, you have control over your chi, you have a glowing fist, you are a Rand boy – blah blah blah.
But I digress.

 The Characters: 

Each of the “Solo Shows” have some way or another crossed over main characters.
(ie. Jessica Jones/Luke Cage) Writing this as a fan who didn’t read many of the comics at all and has very little previous knowledge of all these characters, I liked that I can recognize characters that popped up in each series and was able to start connecting the dots early on. This is something I love about how Netflix and Marvel structure their shows.
This show does a great job at slowly bringing them all together, and when they finally come together, you get a pretty entertaining show.
With that said, I think the interactions between the “heroes” were done pretty well.
You have four vastly different individuals that just happen to all have a 6 degrees of separation bringing them together.
I love how Jessica Jones interacts with the other Defender’s, driving home some of the best lines in the show. (“Am I the only one who doesn’t know karate?”) She already has a history with Luke Cage, and the chemistry is definitely still there between the two, and she quickly seems to get comfortable around Matt Murdock (Daredevil) and Danny Rand.
Speaking of characters; with a show that is bringing all of the Defenders together into one series, you know the awesome supporting cast is also going to be brought in.
Without giving any spoilers: all of the close friends and loved ones of each “hero” have to be corralled together, and we get a chance to see all of the secondary characters interact with one another as well. You get the obvious Claire Temple, (played by Rosario Dawson) who is the main supporting character who ties all of the Defender’s together and Detective Misty Knight (Luke Cage) who plays a big role in this series. Her attempts at trying to be more of a detective, rather than a friend to Luke Cage are quickly shot down and you can tell she’s conflicted between doing her job or letting the “heroes” take over.
We are also introduced to a new villain, Alexandra. (Played by Sigourney Weaver)
The introduction to Alexandra is under some not so great circumstances, (for her) and you start to get the sense of who this woman really is and what her purpose in the story is early on. I loved this character and I can’t think of any other actor to have played her than Weaver.
How would this be a review if I didn’t touch on the visuals at some point?
For the opening credits, we see each character highlighted in “their colours”, just to make sure we know who is who. (Daredevil = Red, Jessica Jones = Blue/Purple etc. )
When we see each character in their “world” the colours of the scene noticeably change for each individual. Scenes around Harlem with Luke Cage are warm yellows and oranges, Daredevil scenes in Hell’s Kitchen have a lot of Red spewed about and when all 4 of them are together, each of their colours can be seen in some form or another throughout the set.

Image: Netflix

These are very subtle details, but they are done so well and this technique really helps to set the tone of each scene.

The Overall: 
If you’re a fan of Marvel or of the Netflix/Marvel shows and haven’t watched The Defenders yet, I recommend watching it. If you haven’t seen any of the solo shows and want to start watching The Defenders, you can definitely do that, as it does a good job at explaining who each character is. However; you’ll be left in the dark as to why these character’s are trying to make certain changes in their lives or what has gotten them to this very point.
Overall, The Defenders is worth watching and I also recommend watching all of the solo shows. They’re pretty entertaining.
 Have you guys watched The Defenders yet? Or going to binge all of the series’ in a row?
Let me know your thoughts!
  • D



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