Atomic Blonde Review: Visually Stimulating, Tendency to Drag

Well, I think I started this site so it would be a constant in my life; but I have let myself down. It’s been hard to see all the new movie releases and I’m embarrassed to say; I haven’t seen MANY new movies in the theater since my last post.

I guess this is fitting for my next review then.

Directed by David Leitch, Atomic Blonde’s trailer got me really excited.  Another film released with a kickass female lead, an awesome 80’s soundtrack, and from one of the guys who did John Wick?! COUNT ME IN! 

My initial expectation/thought was – “this is probably going to be a generic spy flick, but it will feel really original because of the premise”.

Set in the ’80’s just  before the collapse of the Berlin Wall, I thought this was going to be super original and not like much I’ve ever seen before. I was wrong. The movie is pretty generic, however; what made up for the bland story line is the fact that it was shot incredibly well and had some really memorable fight scenes. (*cough* John Wick)

The main fight that comes to mind is a long scene in a staircase/hotel room. The scene is about a 10 minute, continuous shot and I swear, you don’t blink for the whole time watching this fight. But the stunning visuals and memorable fight scenes were what kept me entertained the most. I think the story line could’ve been executed better.


Photo via

Charlize Theron is matched up with multiple “goons” in the film and she successfully lays multiple beat downs, that is not to say that she also doesn’t get hurt. This was a refreshing part of  movie, although Charlize’s character (Lorraine) is a highly trained, bad ass, super spy; she still gets banged up pretty bad. The movie does a good job at showing this characters weaknesses, but also showing her will power to succeed in her mission. But I really want to know her story, how did she become this wicked spy chick who can kick all these asses?

I now have to say, when the film isn’t being an action flick and takes a dip when getting into the dialogue between characters, the movie hits a huge lull. I don’t know if this is because the whole film is set as a flashback, with Lorraine recounting the events in an interrogation room or not.

Atomic Blonde hits hard on the action, (which is mainly why people came to see it in the first place). I think there’s now going to be an expectation on anything the “John Wick guys” do on future projects, especially  when it comes to Spy flicks.

The movie falls short on character development. I definitely would’ve liked to learn more about these characters. But maybe the sequel will pull from the John Wick 2 formula and delve deeper into Lorraine’s story and life. Who knows!

In the end, this movie is enjoyable. Some reviews have said it’s “forgettable” but I wouldn’t go that far at all.  I still had a blast watching it. It’s a summer action blockbuster, with decent acting. There isn’t much else to say.

  • D



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