New Deadpool Short: No Good Deed

A couple days ago, Ryan Reynolds posted this video on his Facebook.

What some thought was a teaser trailer for Deadpool 2, the video titled “No Good Deed” is actually a short that was shown before the new Wolverine flick “Logan”.

While a mugging is happining in a nearby alleyway, Wade Wilson (while walking by a movie theatre showing Logan) must attempt to stop it from becoming fatal; unfortunately he is incredibly, but comically unsuccesful.

Deadpool - No Good Deed

Screenshot from my phone of “No Good Deed” Youtube video.

The video pokes fun at superheroes who get into costume in phonebooths (*cough* Superman) and just how ridiculously slow it takes someone (who isn’t the man of steel) to change clothes in a cramped and dirty booth. While Wade is struggling to put on his suit, you can hear the  iconic Superman theme song playing in the background along with the sounds of the crime taking place. A few moments pass and then – BAM! too late.

The criminal gets away and Deadpool walks up to the body of a man who had just bought groceries. So what does one do when unsuccefully saving an innocent man from getting shot to death? Lay on the dead man’s stomach and eat his just purchased Cherry Garcia ice cream! That’s what!

This short made me all sorts of happy for the next installment of the Deadpool story. From Stan Lee’s cameo, to little hidden easter eggs. One that I got excited about was when Deadpool finally finishes in the booth and emerges, you can see a storefront behind him that’s covered with Firefly posters. Right at the end of the video, theres a scrolling credit scene that’s too fast to read but thankfully; with the power of Google, I found this link that actually broke down the text. You’re Welcome! 🙂

There are SO many movies I want to see and review soon, Logan being on the top of the list and I also haven’t seen John Wick Chapter 2 yet. So many movies and so little time.

With this new video out, are you excited for Deadpool to return? I know I am, but in the meantime – I’m just going to have to put on the first one again to get my fix.

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